Hundreds of pop flavours, classic candy up for grabs at new Edmonton store

Feb 21 2022, 5:05 pm

A new candy store in Edmonton is sure to satisfy anyone that has a bit of a sweet tooth that wants to expand their palate a bit.

YEG Exotic Pop in west Edmonton offers up hundreds of pop flavours, from brands you can find here in Canada but with unique twists, to brands from across the globe.

The variation in products doesn’t just stop with pop either. They sell all kinds of chips, candy, cereal and even Chick-fil-A sauce. Recently they got in a shipment of Wagyu Steak Flavous Lays chips.

Due to the supply of some of the products, prices vary between items and sometimes you can just buy a single can of a product, or the entire flat.

In the market for something sweet or salty that reminds you of that trip you took to Japan, Mexico or the United States? There’s a good chance this store will have it.

If you are curious, take a look at their online store and see if anything fits the bill for you.

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