Canadian real estate agent shows the worst condo she’s ever seen (VIDEO)

Nov 17 2022, 8:49 pm

A TikToker is causing buzz after showing the most poorly designed condo unit she’s ever seen in her career as a real estate agent.

Earlier this week, Toronto-based realtor Simona Stallone, who goes by @soldbystallone on TikTok, posted a video captioned, “Found the worst unit in the city.”

Stallone is doing a series called “Rent or Run,” where she reveals the highlights and downsides of certain properties in order to help potential tenants decide if they want to consider them. And given the weird design and exorbitant rent for this unit, it’s certainly getting a special mention.

“So this is 215 Queen Street West — a building I said I will literally never live in because the units are so poorly designed. It’s a bad design building,” Stallone begins.

But very little can prepare you for how truly awful it is.

@soldbystallone Found the worst unit in the city #rentorrun ♬ original sound – Simona Stallone825

The unit is as small as the average downtown studio apartment but has a narrow dividing wall in the middle that cuts the space awkwardly. Stallone believes this might have been very deliberate so that the unit could be advertised as a one-bedroom.

Upon entry, you see a small walk-in closet to your right. On your left is the bathroom with shiny and modern-looking fittings — it’s the way things actually fit that’s a problem.

“Let’s take a look and you could tell me if you think there’s something missing,” Stallone says, with footage of the bathroom panning in the back. “Did you see it? You’re thinking ‘Simona, where’s the shower?’ Oh, where’s the shower? In the entryway!”

Yup, just a frosted glass door in the entryway, guys. Put a bathmat at the front door.

worst condo


“I have never seen this before. The shower is just divided. Imagine getting out of the shower and walking into your entryway,” Stallone noted. A cheeky commenter pointed out that Toronto realtors would totally advertise this hellscape as having “1.5 bathrooms.”

The kitchen situation is also pretty dismal. It is not equipped with an oven and only has a plate with two little cooktops fitted into the counter — no full stove.

worst condo


There’s minimal counter space for you to get your food prep done, as the sink ends up taking most of the space.

Oh, and our personal favourite part of the worst condo ever would have to be the exquisite balcony with views of the city — a tiny and slim scalene triangle with barely enough room for a single person to stand.

worst condo


“Did they throw darts on the blueprints?” one puzzled commenter asked. “Are they drunk trying to rent a studio with a wall in the middle for $2,400?” another wondered.

Is the unit truly the most awful thing you’ve seen or would pay $2,400 to live in it? Let us know in the comments.

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