The guy who got stuck in the Talus Dome was on a date that night (VIDEO)

Apr 12 2023, 7:17 pm

The man who became trapped inside the Talus Dome on Sunday said he was on a date when the whole ordeal happened.

CTV News has identified Wakeem Courtoreille as the man stuck inside the Talus Dome on Sunday. Just before 8:30 pm, a passerby noticed someone stuck inside of the sculpture and called 911.

A video of Courtoreille trapped in the dome was posted online, and people totally lost their minds over the whole ordeal, securing a new spot on the list of Edmonton’s local legends.

What makes this whole thing even better is that Courtoreille himself is hilarious. He had lots to say during an interview with Lauren Hunter on SONiC 102.9.

“My name is Wakeem Courtoreille, aka, HIM, aka ‘Him Kardashian,’ and I fell into the silver balls, unfortunately,” Courtoreille said.

He explained he was on a date that fateful evening, hanging out near the Talus Dome, when he decided to go for a climb on the artwork.

“One thing led to another, and I ended up falling through the hole.”

It isn’t clear where his date went once he became balls deep, as he was alone when he was finally rescued, but he said the two of them are “cool” and are still together.

Courtoreille described the sculpture’s inside as “filthy” and said it was emotionally hard to be trapped inside while crews worked for an hour to free him.

As for the mischief charge of over $5,000, the 26-year-old said he plans on lawyering up.

“As a man who appreciates art, even though I’m not the fondest of that sculpture in particular, it was never a part of the plan to have that statue damaged.”

Firefighters had to use the jaws of life to free Courtoreille from the sculpture, removing one of the silver balls in the process.

The statue has since been fenced off pending repairs, although some are having a little fun with the whole ordeal.

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