Raptors Superfan Nav Bhatia buys dinner for Milwaukee fan who posted racist tweet about him: report

Nov 7 2019, 12:16 pm

Nav Bhatia is a man of his word.

The Toronto Raptors Superfan drew the admiration of the basketball world during the NBA playoffs, even turning one hater into a “friend for life.”

According to Canadian journalist Muhammad Lila, Bhatia recently followed through on his promise to buy dinner for a Milwaukee Bucks fan who posted a racist tweet about him during the Eastern Conference Finals.

“I believe that particular fan from Milwaukee got angry and posted it,” Bhatia told Daily Hive during prior to the NBA Finals last spring.

The fan posted the tweet after the Bucks lost Game 4 in Toronto. When Bhatia attended Game 5 in Milwaukee, he was positively received by Bucks fans.

“I was hugged and loved by hundreds of Milwaukee fans, wearing Milwaukee jerseys. I think he noticed that, then he Googled me probably, and found out who I am… and he felt very silly, stupid inside.”

The fan called Bhatia to apologize.

“Credit to him, kudos to him… That’s big of him,” Bhatia said. “We had a discussion for 14-15 minutes and he apologized and cursed himself. I said ‘don’t curse yourself, everybody makes mistakes. This is forgiven and forgotten. And let’s be friends.’

“I told him the next time I come to Milwaukee, I want to take him and his son for a dinner.”

Bhatia said he experienced similar acts of racism when he first came to Canada, but instead of getting angry, he always tried to find “a solution.”

“We have changed a negative situation into a positive situation by being friends in the future. I think that was a good thing coming out of that tweet now.”