6 best places to grab delicious pizza by the slice in Edmonton

Apr 4 2022, 10:04 pm

There are some amazing pizza-by-the-slice spots in Edmonton.

Sure, you can order a whole pizza and get it delivered to your door in a cardboard box.

You could also head out to a top-notch local restaurant and get a great pizza to dive into. But what do you do when you just need one slice?

Where do you turn when an entire pizza is too much, or if variety is your favourite part of pizza dining?

Pizza should only be a positive experience, so we have you covered with this list when all you need is a slices.

Here are six of the best spots where you can get pizza by the slice in Edmonton.



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The pizzas here are huge, and so are the slices. ā€œThe Big Oneā€ is a pie that weighs in at over seven pounds, so just imagine how packed each slice would be.

Address: 12753 50th Street NW, Edmonton



Offering pizza by the slice at The Shops at Commerce Place, this is a convenient spot for when you need a piece of pizza at lunch, during the shop, or otherwise.

Address: 10150 Jasper Avenue Suite 267, Edmonton

The Stone & Wheel

This neighbourhood spot is a classic pizza joint, the perfect place to take a pizza home, sit down with a pie, or pop in for a quick lunchtime slice. Classics and fun pizzas are made here every day, and it’s popular enough that you know you’re getting a fresh slice.

Address: 17 Fairway Drive NW, Edmonton




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It might be a little silly to include Costco on this list, but have you had the pizza here? Sure, the hot dogs are a hit, but the pizza is just as delicious and the slices are massive.

Address: 2616 91st Street NW, Edmonton

Address: 7259 Winterburn Road NW, Edmonton

Address: 12450 149th Street, Edmonton

Address: 13650 50th Street NW, Edmonton

Address: 10310 186th Street NW, Edmonton


Steel Wheels

This is a rock-and-roll-themed pizzeria that not only has delicious pieces of pizza to grab and go but also an entirely unique concept. The culinary concept here is a fusion of classic Italian pizza and Korean cuisine.

Address: 10307 85th Avenue NW, Edmonton

Fresh Slice


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With tons of locations across Canada, this is a pizza-by-the-slice spot that many people are already aware of. It’s a fast chain, and it might not be the highest quality, but there are tons of options to choose from, always ready to go.

Address: 10071 109th Street NW, Edmonton


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