5 outrageous cocktails in Edmonton you need to try

Jun 17 2022, 7:50 pm

There are some truly outrageous cocktails in Edmonton.

With so many great bars and bartenders, there are bound to be a few menus with some giant cocktails and wild recipes.

Whether it’s been a long day at the office, you want to impress your friends, or you want something a little bit crazy – the reason doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you’ve got the attitude to tackle something off the beaten path of the standard drinks menu.

Here are some of the most outrageous cocktails in Edmonton you have to sip to believe.

Julio’s Barrio

The Original Bulldog

The place that made the Bulldog so famous.

The original version here comes with a full slushy margarita and a bottle of Corona. You can even add a red bull on top of that!

Address: 10450 82nd Avenue NW, Edmonton



Cherry Mojo


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The Cherry Mojo comes in a few different sizes at this Louisiana-themed bar, but a 6 oz pitcher of Southern Comfort and Cherry Coke is one of the most outrageous cocktails in Edmonton.

Address: 10548 A 82nd Avenue NW, Edmonton


Alchemy Bar

Skull Cocktail


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Many of the ingredients used at this experimental cocktail bar are outrageous, but it’s this one that uses a clear skull glass that we recommend.

Address: 10344 102nd Street NW, Edmonton



Spark the Fire


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This drink was only around for a limited time, but the bar team can make something very similar to it still, flame and all.

All of the cocktails here have a flair for the dramatic, so you can’t really go wrong in any direction for a drink made excitingly.

Address: 10190 104th Street NW, Edmonton


Blowers and Grafton

Donair Caesar


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There are six different Caesars on the menu here, but the OG one is too eye-catching to miss.

In true East Coast fashion, this one comes garnished with donair on a stick, pepperoncini, and Brothers Pepperoni.

Address: 6255 Currents Drive, Edmonton


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