Mochi Waffle: New dessert spot just opened in Edmonton

Feb 17 2023, 7:10 pm

All types of hybrid desserts have been a trend for years, and both mochi and waffles are a favourite. The newly opened Mochi Waffle spot in Edmonton has combined them both into one tasty treat.

Having opened in early February, this new dessert shop is located at 10079 109th Street, operating out of theĀ Splash Poke location in the downtown core.

Handcrafted and made in-house every day, these mochi rice waffles are an entirely original creation. This spot even states that it is the “original mochi rice waffle.”

Mochi is a doughy treat made from sweet rice, giving it a uniquely chewy, smooth, and elastic texture. The consistency goes perfectly with the outer edges of a waffle and the crispy texture of the rice.

Menu options here besides the mochi waffles, which are served warm and topped with seasonal fruit, will also include delicious beverages like the genmaicha rice tea. It’s a no-mess, freshly baked handheld treat that’s fun to order, taste, and take pictures of.

If you’ve never tried mochi at all, this sweet culinary invention sounds like it’s going to be even better than the sum of its already delicious parts.

Be one of the first people to try this exciting new treat in YEG.


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Mochi Waffle

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