Indeed reveals high-paying jobs Edmonton employers are struggling to fill

Mar 1 2022, 8:56 pm

One might think that high-paying jobs are easy to fill, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

US-based global employment website Indeed recently shared the top five jobs with large salaries that Edmonton employers are struggling to fill, and the number one career might surprise you.

Elysée Kazemian, a senior account executive for Citizen Relations, which represents Indeed, told Daily Hive that despite competitive salaries, employers are having difficulty filling positions.

“The data listed represent roles that have been open for longer than 60 days in 2021 on Indeed’s website,” said Kazemian. “While job postings can be opened for longer than 60 days, we use this measure as a proxy for difficult hiring.”

Roles for finance managers, physiotherapists, and sales managers are also hard to fill across the city. In Edmonton, 20% of job posts for project managers are still open after two months, even with an average salary of $75,834.

According to Statistics Canada, the average hourly wage offered in Alberta in quarter three of 2021 was $23.50. For the positions listed in Indeed’s ranking, however, average hourly wages range from $34.88 to $38.90, so you’d think there would be qualified people clamouring for these roles.

Here are the top five highest-paying jobs in Edmonton that have had listings open for two months or longer:

Finance manager 
Percentage of postings open 60+ days: 8%
Average salary: $118,235

Percentage of postings open 60+ days: 16%
Average salary: $81,089

Software engineer
Percentage of postings open 60+ days: 19%
Average salary: $76,615

Project manager
Percentage of postings open 60+ days: 20%
Average salary: $75,834

Sales manager
Percentage of postings open 60+ days: 15%
Average salary: $73,712

Across the country, the hardest-to-fill positions varied greatly from YEG’s job listings.

In Toronto and Montreal, the demand was high for software engineers and senior software engineers in Vancouver.

With files from Irish Mae Silvestre

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