BC YouTube star just got handed a huge fine for illegally fishing in Banff

Apr 26 2023, 8:59 pm

BC YouTuber Greg Ovens has pleaded guilty to illegally catching a specific type of fish in Banff National Park.

Last week, Ovens agreed to plead guilty to one charge of illegally catching eight Yellowstone cutthroat trout in Banff and was fined $6,000.

The court also ordered him to develop and post a video to his social media channel explaining the court decision.

This is coming from a 2019 YouTube series “30-Day Survival Challenge in the Canadian Rockies.” The series featured 12 videos that received between 523,000 and 2.2 million views.

Parks Canada says the videos “depicted vloggers committing infractions and illegal activities under the Canada National Parks Act and regulations.”

In a statement, Parks Canada went on to lay out the charges against Ovens and his American partner Zachary Fowler.

“In 2020, after an investigation, Parks Canada laid six charges against Gregory Ovens, a Canadian citizen, and seven charges against Zachary Fowler, an American citizen for the illegal catch and retention of Yellowstone Cutthroat trout as well as a number of other fishing offenses, hunting in a national park, discharging a firearm in a national park, illegal fire, damage/destroying natural object and unpermitted use of an unmanned aerial vehicle (ie, drone) under the Canada National Parks Act and Regulations.”

Zachary Fowler continues to have an arrest warrant outstanding in relation to his charges.

The two YouTubers were on the TV Show “Alone” where Fowler eventually won, lasting 90 days in Patagonia with Ovens lasting 50.

Their channel has over one million subscribers and features a number of other outdoor videos including a survival challenge in Texas and a number of fishing videos in Floria.

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