Alberta goalies fight at centre ice in Flames against Oilers game

Feb 2 2020, 10:29 pm

The Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers took their rivalry to another level Saturday night when the team’s goalies got into a fight at centre ice.

It all began when Calgary goalie Cam Talbot got into the fray with several other Flames players when an Oiler shot at the net. Edmonton goalie Mike Smith slowly skated up to centre ice and watched the action with his chin resting on his stick.

Talbot skated up to meet him, and the two grabbed each others chests and traded punches. Talbot fell to the ice first, and the referees skated over to break it up.

The Oilers went on to beat the Flames 8-3.

Goalie fights are a relatively rare sight in hockey, and this one was interesting because both goalies used to play for the other team.  They were swapped in free agency over the summer.

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