Sunny skies expected in Edmonton this week

Oct 29 2019, 8:05 pm

Edmonton’s forecast this week shows all signs are pointing to sunny, with sunshine even expected on Halloween.

According to the seven-day forecast from Environment Canada, although the temperatures are expected to be a bit on the cooler side, sunny skies are expected until Friday.

Tuesday will dip below zero with a cool -5°C with wind chill bringing temperatures quite low into the evening, but sun is expected to hold out, and things will warm up throughout the week.

forecast Edmonton

seven-day forecast/Environment Canada

Halloween in Edmonton is currently looking like a mix of sun and cloud and accompanied by wind chill that will have the temperature of 4°C feel more like -13°C in the morning, but a low of 0°C is expected during the day.

Either way, trick-or-treaters should bundle up for their Halloween festivities, but you should be safe leaving the umbrella at home these next few days.