Cineplex Edmonton locations to get 4D, VR, and reclining seats

Oct 23 2019, 8:49 pm

Going to the movies in Edmonton is about to get that much better.

Cinpelex has announced plans to outfit its Edmonton locations with some new tech, including improvements to seating, screening, and pre-movie entertainment.

“Canada’s entertainment landscape is evolving and we are proud of our continued legacy of bringing first-to-market technology and experiences to our guests across the country,” said Ellis Jacob, president and CEO of Cineplex, in the release.

“Our investments in Edmonton allow us to showcase our diverse and ever-growing portfolio of entertainment offerings and provide guests of all ages with engaging, interactive, and shared experiences that cannot be replicated at home.”

Four locations in Calgary will soon become home to VRstudios, an interactive virtual reality experience where guests will be able to play solo and multi-player games in a free-roaming, untethered environment.

The VRstudios will be brought to Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton, Cineplex Odeon South Edmonton Cinemas, Cineplex Cinemas North Edmonton and VIP, and The Rec Room at South Edmonton Common.

Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton will also become home to a brand new 4DX Auditorium, which will synchronize seats and special effects alongside what’s on the big screen.

Plans are also in the works to bring all recliner seating to Cineplex Cinemas Sherwood Park, Cineplex Odeon South Edmonton Cinemas, and Cineplex Cinemas North Edmonton and VIP locations.

The South Edmonton Cinemas theatre appears to be seeing the most changes, as new additions will also include a Cineplex Clubhouse — an auditorium made just for children and families — as well as a ScreenX Auditorium, which features an expansion of the centre screen image onto the side walls to provide 270 degrees of picture.

Most of these additions will be made throughout Edmonton’s theatres between October and December of this year. No theatres are expected to close during these renovations.

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