ChatGPT came up with the most Edmonton story ever

Feb 3 2023, 7:13 pm

You’ve likely heard of ChatGPT by now, the online chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that can mimic real conversations eerily well.

Using the tool, users can input prompts to generate pretty much any writing task based on what they enter. Almost instantly, ChatGPT can answer questions or output human-produced content, and it has even passed medical licensing exams.Ā 

We gave ChatGPT a few guidelines and asked it to write a story about Edmonton, and here is the result:

In the heart of Edmonton, two gangs ruled the land. The gang of magpies, known for their cunning and intelligence, and the gang of coyotes, feared for their strength and ferocity. For years, they coexisted in relative peace, each claiming their own territory within the city.

But when the Talus Dome was built in the heart of the city, both gangs saw it as the perfect place to expand their territories. The dome offered the perfect perch for the magpies, who loved to survey their surroundings from above, and ample hunting grounds for the coyotes.

The conflict between the two gangs reached a boiling point one day when Connor McDavid, the city’s star hockey player, was visiting the Talus Dome for a training session. He was suddenly confronted by the magpies and coyotes, who were locked in a fierce battle over the territory.

Amarjeet Sohi, the city’s mayor, was informed of the situation and immediately took action. He reached out to Anthony Henday, the city’s top police officer, and together they devised a plan to resolve the conflict between the two gangs.

As McDavid watched from a safe distance, Sohi and Henday approached the gangs, who were still engaged in battle. With calm and steady voices, they spoke to the leaders of each gang and explained that the Talus Dome was not meant to be a battleground but a place for all to enjoy.

The magpies and coyotes listened, and gradually, they put down their weapons and stepped back from the brink of war. With the help of McDavid and the city’s residents, the two gangs worked together to find a peaceful solution that would allow them to share the Talus Dome.

In the end, the magpies and coyotes became unlikely allies, and the Talus Dome became a symbol of unity and cooperation. The city’s residents were grateful for the peace that had been restored, and they came to the dome in droves to enjoy its beauty and all that it had to offer. And Connor McDavid, Amarjeet Sohi, and Anthony Henday were hailed as heroes for their role in bringing peace to the city.

We love to see a happy ending.

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