Here's where Canadians can expect to see a white Christmas

Dec 20 2021, 4:01 pm

Christmas is just days away, and it’s the time of year when many Canadians start to wonder if they’ll wake up to snow or green.

The Weather Network has released their Holiday Snow Report for 2021, and it looks like most Canadians will get to have a white Christmas this year. According to the forecast, a white Christmas is uncertain for about one-third of Canadians. It won’t be clear until closer to Christmas Day.

So who is going to have a white Christmas? Find out below:

Western Canada

According to The Weather Network, a cold-weather pattern is moving through the western provinces and will keep temperatures below normal until after Christmas.

These cold temperatures may even bring a white Christmas to the South Coast. People in BC who are farther from the coast and at higher elevations have very high chances of seeing snow on Christmas morning.

Holiday snow forecast

Vancouver forecast/Environment Canada

Even Vancouver has a medium chance of snow, the forecast shows. Those who reside in Victoria should prepare for a green Christmas, according to the forecast, as chances for snow here remain low.

holiday snow forecast

Calgary forecast/Environment Canada

Moving east of the Rockies, The Weather Network says that areas that already have snow will keep it as cold temperatures will prevent snow from melting away.

Alberta and Saskatchewan may get a fresh dusting of snow but won’t see much accumulation on top of what’s already on the ground, the forecast predicts.

holiday snow forecast

Saskatoon forecast/Environment Canada

Calgary and Regina have high chances of waking up to snow on Christmas day, while Edmonton and Saskatoon have a 100% chance of a white Christmas, according to the report.

Central Canada

The cold weather pattern that may bring a white Christmas to the West Coast will slowly move east, but it may not bring snow for everyone in the central provinces.

Winnipeg is forecast to have a 100% chance of a white Christmas, while further east in Ontario and Quebec, questions remain, according to The Weather Network.

holiday snow forecast

Winnipeg forecast/Environment Canada

Southern Ontario and Quebec saw warm temperatures last week, melting much of the snow that had accumulated. A fresh dumping of snow this weekend has left a nice dusting of the white stuff, but it could melt by Christmas Day.

holiday snow forecast

Toronto forecast/Environment Canada

It’s still too soon to tell, but a system late in the week could add a new layer of snow, according to The Weather Network.

holiday snow forecast

Montreal forecast/Environment Canada

Montreal and Ottawa have high chances of snow, according to the forecast. While Toronto and Windsor may not be so lucky.

Atlantic Canada

The Atlantic provinces are in for some colder temperatures, according to the forecast. This is one of the areas of Canada where snow is not a certainty and is highly dependent on a storm’s track. Christmas could be snowy or rainy.

holiday snow forecast

Halifax forecast/Environment Canada

According to The Weather Network, Nova Scotia is the least likely to have a white Christmas. Most likely to see snow on Christmas Day is central and northern New Brunswick and western and northern Newfoundland.

holiday snow forecast

Fredericton forecast/Environment Canada

All in all, the forecast predicts that holiday snow will match historical averages. If you’re used to waking up to snow on Christmas, chances are you will this year.

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