These are the best places to run stairs around Edmonton

May 4 2022, 9:02 pm

Warmer weather in Edmonton means patio season, but it also means we are on the hunt for some seriously good stairs to run in the city.

Don’t get us wrong we love that step climber at the gym during the winter months, but as soon as it gets warm enough to do stairs outdoors it’s 1,000 times better, right?

So lace up your running shoes and pack your water bottle, we have rounded up six of the best spots to run stairs all around Edmonton.

Royal Glenora Stairs

Likely some of the most trafficked stairs in Edmonton, the Royal Glenora Stairs offer a spectacular view of the River Valley, in addition to its steep grade. You are mere steps away from the Alberta Legislature, and plenty of paths in the area too if you are looking to sneak in a little run during your sets as well.

The Promenade (Boulevard) Stairs


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Nestled near the Victoria Promenade and the Victoria Golf Course, these stairs just off downtown Edmonton are relatively tame compared to the Royal Glenora Stairs just a further up from here. Be mindful of always clicking the pedestrian signals when completing the full set, or just stick near the golf course for a shorter version of the staircase.

Wolf Willow Stairs


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They very well may be some of the steepest in all of Edmonton and you are guaranteed to need a few breathers in between flights when you take on the Wolf Willow Stairs. The views from both the top and the bottom are stunning and goodness are they a workout and a half to enjoy. If you want to push yourself, we highly recommend these ones.

Patricia Ravine Trail Stairs

Slightly on the more tame and easy side, the Patricia Ravine Trail Stairs are perfect if you are looking for more of a chill set of stairs to tackle. They are nicely spaced out and have various landings to catch your breath if you need to. Peek the North Saskatchewan River over the trees too, and if you want to challenge yourself, follow the trail over to the Wolf Willow Stairs.

Grandview Stairs


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Situated just off of Fox Drive, the Grandview Stairs can look daunting — and honestly they lowkey are. With more than 200 steps it sure gets your heart pumping, and it is highly popular with Edmontonians who love to do stairs. Be sure to stop at the top and enjoy the River Valley views, too.

Hermitage Park Stairs


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Revamped just last year, the stairs in north Hermitage Park are a gem of east Edmonton. We find they tend to be a little quicker than others, and the views of the North Saskatchewan River in the summer and fall are lovely.

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