Here's where you can find all of Edmonton's edible fruit trees (MAP)

Apr 3 2023, 8:50 pm

Have you ever been out for a walk in the river valley and wished you had packed a snack?

There’s a map on the City of Edmonton’s website that lets you see every nearby tree containing edible fruit.

Tens of thousands of trees can be viewed on the map, including apple, cherry, plum, and even saskatoon berry bushes.

Edmontonians are welcome to harvest as much fruit as they’d like, so long as they don’t damage or harm the trees.

Fruit from City-owned trees should also be washed thoroughly for any pesticides or other chemicals from the environment.

Don’t eat any fruit or berries that you have picked if you aren’t entirely sure of their identity.

With summer just around the corner, hunting for fruit trees could be a fun way to spend the day outdoors.

Happy foraging!

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