Best bakeries in Edmonton for the tastiest baked goods

Apr 13 2023, 10:49 pm

Looking for the best bakeries in Edmonton?

Edmonton’s in no shortage of amazing bakeries and treat purveyors, and we’ve done the not-so-hard work at trying many of them out.

Here are some of the best places to treat yourself to the best bakeries in Edmonton.

Bon Ton Bakery & Pâtisserie


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Bon Ton has been baking bread, pastries, and cakes since 1956, so you know this Edmonton institution knows what they’re doing when it comes to desserts.

Address: 8720 149th Street NW
Phone: 780-489-7717

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Alyonka Bakery

This spot for savoury and sweet pies specializes in Ossetian-style dishes.

From sweet to cheesy fillings, the recipe for these traditional pies hasn’t changed in over a thousand years.

Address: 3696 97th Street NW, Edmonton


Chocorrant Pâtisserie & Cafe

Chocorrant is a house-made croissant and cake shop in Edmonton’s Art District.

Address: 10328 124th Street NW
Phone: 780-908-2253

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Duchess Bake Shop

When you see a lineup snaking down 124th Street, you know you must be near Duchess Bake Shop. The shop has a legendary reputation for its pastries, especially its pies. With their classic staples and specials during different seasons, it’s a sweet treat you’ll want to bite into.

Address: 10718 124th Street, Edmonton 
Phone: 780-488-4999


The Art of Cake

This Edmonton bakery’s cakes are more like works of art than desserts. Get your hands on a stunning slice from The Art of Cake that’s sure to taste as good as it looks.

Address: 11811 105th Avenue NW
Phone: 780-441-1339

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Artistic Bake Shop

Bursting with creative European style, the Artistic Bake Shop has been in the city since 1966. Special orders are an option here too, so if you need something for an upcoming event, this is the spot to ask.

Address: 6820 104th Street NW, Edmonton
Phone: 780-434-8686


Upper Crust Cafe


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It’s impossible to go wrong with a slice of one of Upper Crust’s chocolate cakes. Offerings include Country Chocolate (with raspberry jam and rich chocolate buttercream), German Chocolate, Chocolate Decadence, Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake, and Black Forest, plus some non-chocolate options too.

Address: 10909 86th Avenue NW
Phone: 780-758-5599

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B&A Bakery

Edmonton cake

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B&A is a German-style bakery focusing on homemade classics.

Address: 12908 82nd Street NW
Phone: 780-476-8585


RioVida Gluten Free Bakery

RioVida caters to all, whether you want gluten-, dairy-, egg-, or sugar-free. It provides vegan-friendly options too. Customers won’t find a lack of deliciousness in the products, and you can choose from frozen or fresh baked goods.

Address: 17515 100th Avenue NW
Phone: 780-444-3344 and 780-902-7593

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Pome Bakery


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Pome Bakery creates elegant offerings with a selection of delicious treats, fresh bread, and savoury options.

Address: 14253 23rd Avenue NW
Phone: 780-752-7663

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