BE Coffee: New cafe just opened in Edmonton

May 17 2023, 4:36 pm

BE Coffee, an adorable new cafe concept, has just opened in Edmonton.

Located at Century Park, this is a family-owned business that is aiming to provideĀ coffee lovers a place to meet new people, study, or catch up with friends.

With neon light signs, hanging plants, decorative shelves, and wall art, it seems like every angle of this space is picture worthy. It’s an adorable spot that feels like it has an entirely formed personality, which is impressive since it just opened.

The menu has options for hot and cold espresso-style coffee drinks, including pour-overs and new creations like the “Canadiano.” For food, there is avocado toast, bagels with cream cheese, gelato, baked goods, sandwiches, and soup, to name just a few.

The BE actually stands for from Beginning to End.

“Coffee is what gets people out of bed in the morning,” the team stated in an Instagram post, explaining the reasoning behind the name. “The beginning of the day is marked by a good cup of coffee.”

“However, we seem to end our days by talking with our loved ones and catching up with old friends. The end of the day is brought to us by conversationĀ and community.”

Products from localĀ businesses can also be found on the shelves here.

Address:Ā 11015 26th Avenue NW, Edmonton


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