Alley Kat Brewing bought by local and independent local owners

Feb 5 2020, 11:24 am

Edmonton-based independent brewing company Alley Kat Brewing announced Tuesday that the brewery has been sold to locally-based owners.

Alley Kat, located in Southeast Edmonton, has been operating for 25 years in the city, making award-winning brews from scratch since 1995.

Owners Neil and Lavonne Herbst announced the sale of Alley Kat Brewing Company to a local ownership team, comprised of new owners, local entrepreneurs Zane Christensen and Cameron French, in a press release on Tuesday.

The brewery distributes its line of craft beer including core brands Aprikat, Full Moon, Scona Gold, Main Squeeze, Fish Bone, and Buena Vista as well as rotating seasonal brews throughout Alberta.

“At a time when we are seeing some craft breweries being absorbed by large multinationals, keeping Alley Kat in independent hands was extremely important to us,” explains Neil Herbst, one of Alley Kat’s original founders back in 1994.

“This sale will ensure Alley Kat continues to remain locally- owned and operated.”

Herbst will remain involved in day-to-day operations at Alley Kat in a full-time capacity.

In 2019, Alley Kat was awarded Brewery of the Year at the Alberta Beer Awards.

The brewery also opened a taproom at its 99th Street location, and is looking to expand its product offering.

The new owners are looking to “continue to produce well-loved, award-winning beers,” said Christensen.

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