Your A-Z guide for the best things to do and see in Edmonton

Mar 29 2023, 10:57 pm

Edmonton is known as the city of champions. With so many things to do and see, narrowing down an itinerary for things to do can be challenging.

Plus, if you’re new in town or are visiting, it can be hard to find those places that only locals know about.

We’ve put together an A-Z list of all of the best things to do and see in the city, check out our guide to everything you need to check out in Edmonton in alphabetical order:

A – Albert’s Family Restaurant

With locations across the city, Albert’s has been an Edmonton institution for decades. The breakfast is pretty good, too.

B – Butterdome


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Although its real name is the Universiade Pavilion, there’s no denying this unique building looks like a giant slab of butter. Yum.

C – Commonwealth Stadium


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Commonwealth Stadium is the home of the Edmonton Elks and has hosted some pretty spectacular events and concerts. It’s a massive venue!

D – Daily Hive Edmonton

Okay, we obviously had to take this one. Besides, where else will you find all the best news, events, food and views? We always have you covered.

E – Edmonton Oilers


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The Oilers are one of the most iconic teams in the NHL, and we certainly wouldn’t be the city we are if not for our home team. Nothing beats taking in a game at Rogers Place.

F – Fort Edmonton Park

This massive historic park features recreated architecture from 1885, 1905, and 1920s Edmonton with costumed interpreters. It’s a great way to spend a summer day!

G – Galaxyland


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Located inside the renowned West Edmonton Mall, Galaxyland is a massive indoor amusement park that we’re pretty lucky to have access to year-round.

H – High-Level Bridge


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Built in 1913, the High-Level Bridge is one of the most iconic parts of Edmonton’s cityscape.

I – ICE District


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Located in the heart of downtown, the ICE District is a hotspot for new bars and restaurants and is home to the Oilers at Rogers Place. It’s a pretty happening place to be!

J – Jasper Avenue

Jasper Avenue is another exciting place to be, with no shortage of incredible restaurants, bars, and nightlife.

K – K-Days


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We look forward to K-Days every year! It’s 10 days of food, rides, concerts, and so much fun. It’s no wonder hundreds of thousands of people turn up every summer.

L – Legislature Building

We get to have the big pretty building downtown because we are the capital of Alberta. Take that, Calgary.

M – Muttart Conservatory

We are so fortunate to have access to so much lush greenery year-round. The Muttart Conservatory is a beautiful escape from harsh weather and is excellent for taking visitors!

N – Neon Sign Museum

The first of its kind in Canada, the Neon Sign Museum is an outdoor museum that features 20 vintage signs from Edmonton’s past. It’s also totally free to check out!

O – Old Strathcona

One of the city’s best-known neighbourhoods, Old Strathcona, used to be its own city before Strathcona and Edmonton amalgamated in 1912. This historic area is home to some of Edmonton’s best shops, restaurants, and bars.

P – Parks in the River Valley

With North America’s largest urban park system, we could write a very long list of all of the parks within this network of natural beauty.

Q – Queen Elizabeth Park

Out of all the parks in the River Valley, however, Queen Elizabeth Park takes the cake. Between the views, the space, and its art installations, nothing beats a day at this centrally located park.

R – Royal Alberta Museum

Marvel at the Royal Alberta Museum’s vast collections. From its archaeology, Indigenous studies, and work-life industry sections to Earth and Life Sciences that will wow you, it’s one of the most intriguing things to do in Edmonton!

S – Streetcars

Everyone has to experience a trip on the High-Level Bridge Streetcar at least once. Start your day in Old Strathcona, then hop on a Streetcar across the river to continue exploring the city.

T – Talus Dome


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Don’t lie. We know you love seeing that pile of shiny silver balls on the side of the Whitemud.

U – University of Alberta


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One of the best universities in Canada is right here in Edmonton. It is world-renowned for its research in so many different fields, and the campus is breathtaking.

V – Valley Zoo

This is such an adorable zoo that we are fortunate to have tucked away in the River Valley. The concession is excellent, too.

W – West Edmonton Mall


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West Edmonton Mall certainly puts the city on a map, with attractions including Galaxyland, World Waterpark, the Ice Palace, sea animals, and so many more. As North America’s largest mall, this place is so massive that you could probably lead a very comfortable life if you were never allowed to leave it again.

XC – Cross-Country Skiing


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As it turns out, the cross-country ski community in Edmonton is very strong and healthy. There are tons of trails just east of the city!

Y – YEG Airport

They will fly you someplace warm and sunny. What’s not to love?

Z – Zipline

Okay, this was a tough one. But how cool is it to zipline right overtop the waterpark? We think it’s pretty neat.

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