Inside Canada's first Crumbl Cookies location before it opens (PHOTOS)

Mar 29 2023, 10:07 pm

Crumbl Cookies, the massively popular spot for cookies and desserts in the US, is opening its first location in Canada and we got a sneak peek at the store.

Its first Canadian location is located in southwest Edmonton and Alberta’s capital city is so lucky to have scored with this spot.

Daily Hive got an early inside look at the store and where all the delicious flavourful cookies will be churned out.

Laine Mitchell/ Daily Hive

The moment you walk into the store you are greeted by the iconic Crumbl Cookies logo and pink wall, perfect for your Instagram and TikTok.

We know you’ll want to show off you visited the iconic chain’s first Canadian location!

Laine Mitchell/ Daily Hive

Laine Mitchell/ Daily Hive

The open-concept layout of the store allows you to check out how the cookies are made, from start to finish.

Lowkey just looking at the frosting and goods being added to the cookies make you hungry.

Laine Mitchell/ Daily Hive

This dessert spot serves up the “world’s best chocolate chip cookie” in a famously pink box. There is also always a weekly rotating selection of feature cookies, with six different cookies to choose from.

When you pop by on Friday or Saturday, the menu for the Edmonton Crumbl Cookie location will include flavours like Buckeye Brownie, Maple Glaze, Raspberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Crumbl ft. Oreo and Milk Chocolate Chip.

We got the chance to try an ultimate classic, Pink Sugar, and it did NOT disappoint.

They are massive and perfectly soft, it will definitely be the go-to spot in YEG for a fresh batch of cookies.

Laine Mitchell/ Daily Hive

There are already more than 600 locations in the US and the Edmonton location will open at 8 am on Friday, March 31. A ribbon cutting and celebration of the store’s opening will also be held from 2 to 6 pm.

Crumbl Cookies Edmonton

Address: 5041 Mullen Road, Edmonton


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