7 gifts that mom does NOT want this Mother's Day (PHOTOS)

May 14 2023, 3:00 pm

If you’re struggling to find a last-minute gift for mom, we have some suggestions on what NOT to buy this weekend.

Let’s be honest, we are all busy and sometimes we procrastinate — even when it comes to finding the perfect gift for the mother figure in our lives.

But, if you are looking to grab something last minute, here are some things you should think twice about.


mom mug


Mugs can be nice — but you might want to steer clear of any “Number One Mom” or “Best Mom Ever” mugs.

Mom or name-themed jewellery

name necklace


Those cheap necklaces from the dollar store might be okay if they’re picked out by a five-year-old, but older folks might want to stay away. If you DO want to get her jewellery, a gift card to a jeweller might be a safer choice.

Complicated activity to do with kids

mom craft


If you’re buying a gift on behalf of your kids, one mom we spoke with said to stay away from crafts or anything that means more work for her on Mother’s Day.

Basket of scented soaps and body wash

soap basket

New Africa/Shutterstock

We all have our preferences. A big basket of lavender, or other strongly perfumed soaps, likely isn’t the sought-after gift you think it is. Alternatively, go buy a gift card to The Bay or Sephora so they can choose the products they actually use.

Cleaning products

mom cleaning

Natali _ Mis/Shutterstock

Just no. No explanation necessary.


bad perfume


Unless you know exactly the one they want, think twice. Perfume is a personal thing and most people have a specific scent they enjoy.

Subscription to online dating site

mom dating

McLittle Stock/Shutterstock

If the mother figure in your life is looking for love or a partner, that’s their business. A premium subscription to a dating site might not be the best idea. Swipe left on this one.

What does mom ACTUALLY want?

The moms we spoke with around Daily Hive love the idea of getting some me-time to relax and do what they want. Wine, gift cards, and plants or flowers are appreciated too.

Check out our list of ideas that don’t suck here.

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