"Seesaw" weather with scorching days in store for Canada this month

Sep 5 2023, 3:23 pm

September always rings in winds of weather change in Canada.

This year, a more drastic switch is expected, with a couple of scorching hot weeks followed by more bearable temperatures.

The Weather Network released its September forecast for the True North, alerting Canadians about “flip-flopping” weather patterns.


The Weather Network

Labour Day weekend brought in a “formidable ridge” of high pressure over Canada’s Great Lakes, and as a result, temperatures are expected to soar higher than those reported all season.

Winnipeg temperatures crossed 36°C on the second day of the month, and Toronto hit a steamy 32°C on Monday. Other parts of Central Canada also felt the sizzle of summer in the first week of September.

So, what’s in store for the rest of the month?

“This burst of summer-like heat is only the beginning of a nationwide pattern that will more closely resemble a seesaw than anything consistent,” The Weather Network reported.

In southern and eastern Ontario, daytime temperatures will remain in the low-to-mid 30s, and humidity will be in the low 40s between Windsor and Moosonee.

East of the Rockies, the country will see above-seasonable heat in the first couple of weeks of September due to the same pressure ridge that heated Ontario over Labour Day weekend.

West Coasters can expect below-seasonable temperatures for the first half of the month.

Once we pass September 15, the atmosphere will “play the reverse card” with a weather flip.

Hot conditions will taper off in the eastern half of Canada, and warmer temps will return to Western Canada.

Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic provinces will see temperatures return to average seasonal ones.

In the further north, September may close out with below-seasonal temperatures.

“Even as the seasons change over land, we’re entering the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season,” warned The Weather Network. “The climatological peak of the Atlantic hurricane season occurs during the second week of the month, and strong hurricanes are common throughout September.”

It added that water temperatures across the Atlantic have been historically warm this season, fuelling several big hurricanes one after another at the end of August.

If you’re in Eastern Canada, keep an eye on tropical activity in the weeks ahead and stay prepared.

“Use these calm days to take stock of your emergency supplies, ensuring you have enough non-perishable food, water, hygiene products, flashlights, and batteries to comfortably make it through several days without electricity or running water,” The Weather Network advises.

Savour the heat while you can! Canada is in for a “winter whiteout” this year.

“From the Atlantic seaboard to Arctic shores to the Pacific Coast — in almost every nook and cranny that typically sees snow — Canadians should expect oodles of fluffy white throughout the season,” reads Farmers’ Almanac’s weather forecast for Winter 2023 in Canada.

“This will be coupled with seasonably chilly temperatures at or below normal.”

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