Bridesmaids in white? Here are the top 7 wedding trends for 2023

Mar 6 2023, 9:27 pm

Thankfully, micro-weddings are a thing of the past and properly celebrating love is finally back for everyone to enjoy! From fashion to reception parties, the booming wedding industry is not short of trends to usher in this new era of nuptials.

If you’re getting married or included in a wedding soon, here are a few fresh and modern ideas to think about featuring during your celebrations.

Film Photos

35 mm photos

Jessica Lily Photo

One of the biggest wedding trends at the moment is including film photography in your wedding day. Due to its growing popularity, professional photographers often include this service in addition to traditional digital photography. If this route won’t work for you, consider providing disposable cameras on each table, so your guests can take the photos and you can develop them yourself! Couples are loving the nostalgic, glamorous, and moody results of these film photos! The photos above were shot on 35 mm film.

Champagne Towers

Champagne Tower

Jessica Lily Photo

To include something celebratory and memorable, champagne towers are a relatively easy trend to feature in your wedding! This beautiful idea was heavily featured at the Crème de la Crème show by Countdown Events this year, solidifying it as a wedding must. The fun tradition also provides a perfect photo op. Ask your venue if it has any glasses that are suited to creating the tower (crystal will not work), and any bottle of prosecco or champagne will do. If your venue doesn’t have any coupes that work, Ikea has a very pretty and affordable option that would stack perfectly. Cheers!

Opera Gloves

Megan Goetz

There is nothing wrong with adding a little drama to your bridal look. Gloves spent many years on the sidelines, but now they are coming back in full force — opera gloves especially. Whether they are sheer, lace, or opaque, this accessory is a chic and easy way to elevate your look, whether it’s during the rehearsal dinner or the wedding itself. One of the best parts about this bridal trend is that there are gloves available at every price point, and in countless styles.

No Wedding Cake

Dessert Table

Simply Sweet by Jessica

One of the most iconic wedding traditions is slowly exiting more and more celebrations as time goes on. Not only are wedding cakes very costly, but it seems that few people ever eat the wedding cake! Luckily, there are lots of different options for dessert other than serving cake. Dessert tables have been growing in popularity, which allows guests plenty of choices to pick from (and can be suited to dietary restrictions). Custom macarons, sugar cookies, and doughnuts are more a casual route, but just as tasty. Another option is to have guests choose their preferred dessert along with the rest of their dinner and have it served after the meal, ensuring they get something they will definitely enjoy.

White Bridesmaids Dresses

white bridesmaid dresses

Martha Stewart Weddings

Arguably one of the biggest laws in wedding history is that only the bride should be wearing white. Well, with this new trend, we can throw that theory out the window. Brides are opting to have their bridesmaids in incredibly chic white dresses, even though they are also head-to-toe in the traditional hue. Often times the dresses are more simple, ensuring the bride still stands out. The all-white look certainly makes a beautiful statement and we can see why some brides are keen to hop on this trend!

Colourful Flowers

colourful flowers

Luna Design Studio

The era of predictable monochromatic neutral flowers is on its way out. There is no going wrong with classic cream roses and lilies, however, why not express your personality through unforgettable colours? Adding colourful centerpieces or bouquets can also elevate your venue and any décor choices that you’ve made. At this year’s Luxe Bridal Brunch at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, colourful florals accompanied by bright dishware were a top-featured trend. “A splash of colour is a great way to ensure that everyone’s photos pop and that your tablescape makes a lasting impression”, adds Fleur de Lis Events principal Nargess Tabrizy-Shokrani.

Big Sleeves

puff wedding dress

Have Dress Store

No matter where you’re shopping for a dress, you are bound to run into the puff-sleeve trend. This ode to the ’80s is dramatic and glamorous, but also versatile, as many of these voluminous sleeves are detachable. If you were hoping to have two looks for your wedding but don’t want to pay for two dresses, this idea could be perfect. From Kleinfeld to Etsy, this trend is super accessible. This booming bridal style is the perfect blend between high fashion and elegance.

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