A "The Last of Us" star just revealed what he took home with him from Canada (VIDEO)

Feb 22 2023, 5:40 pm

The actor who plays Uncle Tommy in the hit Alberta-shot HBO series The Last of Us just revealed what he took home with him from his time in Canada.

Gabriel Luna dished in an interview with HBO on “What, if anything, did you take from set?” Luna started his response with, “Well, a few things fell off the costume truck and somehow ended up in my bag.”

He proceeded to drop the details on two items he took from the set, stating that “One of which being a beautiful belt buckle that was made by an 85-year-old craftsman there in Calgary, Alberta. Silver and gold-plated with turquoise. Beautiful.”

Luna went on to spill that he “took a pair of boots that we had specifically designed by a woman named Carolyn at the Alberta Boot Company, which she modelled off my boots. I wear a pair of Lucchese ropers that she really liked and she put an arrowhead on the pull-up tabs, which I requested, and then she embroidered, sewed in, an Indian paintbrush. I wanted something that feels very Texas ’cause I’m from Austin and I wanted a little hint of Texas in it.”

Luna isn’t the only The Last of Us cast member to take something from their time in Alberta home with them– Bella Ramsey, who plays, Ellie, even adopted a puppy while in Calgary.

Luna’s character, Tommy, was featured heavily in episode six and was shot in the stunning mountain town of Canmore, for which Pedro Pascal and much of the cast and crew have stated their admiration.

In earlier episodes, you could spot some waterfalls in Alberta, the Alberta Legislature building in Edmonton, and the iconic High-Level Bridge in Lethbridge.

So, there you have it. As the nine-episode series continues, we can’t wait to spot more stunning locations.

Canadian viewers can subscribe to the HBO package through Crave to watch The Last of Us.

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