"We are in a f*cking tin can": Man throws absolute tantrum over crying baby on flight (VIDEO)

Apr 20 2023, 8:47 pm

A video on TikTok is making the rounds and shows a grown man losing it over the fact a baby was apparently crying on a flight.

The video, from TikTok user @mjgrabowski, is about four minutes long and shows a man on a Southwest Airline flight yelling about a baby who had apparently been crying for about 40 minutes.

The TikTok user mentions in the video that the flight off the coast of Florida was circling because of weather and a “passenger loses his mind over a baby.”

The man is seen surrounded by airline staff members and appears to be asking them — or someone — to calm the baby.

“I paid for a ticket too,” he says. “Calm the child down, please. I had headphones on, I was sleeping.”

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He then questions what would happen if the child was Black.

When he is asked to lower his voice, he then asks staff if they can lower the voice of the baby.

“We are in a f*cking tin can. With a baby in a g*ddamn echo chamber and you want to talk to me about being f*cking okay.”

He then asks if that “motherf*cker pays extra to yell.”

The yelling continues and the TikTok user says the flight is heading into Orlando.

After landing, the man is met at the gate by officers.

In a statement, Southwest told Daily Hive that the airline commends the crew for exhibiting outstanding professionalism while handling a challenging situation.

The Southwest representative also said the airline appreciates the patience of other passengers onboard who had to experience what they refer to as unacceptable behaviour.

Social media divided over the incident

Not surprisingly, there is a lot of divided reaction over this, with some people taking the passenger’s side.

“I am howling. This man deserves a medal for speaking up. Thatā€™s exactly how I feel when a baby wonā€™t stop crying on a plane,” says one user.

Another asks, “Have we tried swaddling this man? He needs some soothing techniques.”

The conversation also made its way to Twitter, with many users voicing their thoughts.

What are your thoughts? Was the passenger’s yelling justified?

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