Red Robin reviewer alleges staff "chucked" cheese sauce at customer

Mar 8 2023, 8:20 pm

A family in BC went out for a celebratory dinner that became one of the worst imaginable restaurant experiences.

Janet Hillgartner, a member of the Prince George Restaurant Review Facebook Group, dropped a bombshell review of her recent visit to the local Red Robin.

“Red Robin’s was a literal nightmare last night,” wrote Hillgartner.

According to her account, she went to Red Robin to celebrate her son’s final hockey game of the season. They were only there for a few minutes before they heard an altercation in the kitchen.

The assistant manager was swearing loudly, shoving a kitchen staff member, who then walked out.

“Service quickly degraded with all of the staff suffering from the poor treatment of their coworkers,” wrote Hillgartner. “You could see the staff wasn’t happy.”

The food came out cold and they had ordered a side that didn’t come. When it did arrive, it was “ridiculously portioned.” So, Hillgartner’s party asked to take the side off their bill and spoke with the manager.

“When my husband suggested that the man apologize for his behaviour towards his staff, he became escalated,” wrote Hillgartner.

“He then picked up the cheese sauce and chucked it at my husband’s chest! And proceeded to attack him in our booth! Pushing him into my 10-year-old daughter.”

Other folks intervened, and Hillgartner said she “was able to exit the restaurant with my very traumatized children.”

According to Hillgartner’s post, she has been in contact with Red Robin and the situation is being looked into.

Brian Crawford, vice president of Red Robin Canada, said the company was “horrified to hear that our guests and a member of our team were treated this way.”

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Statement from Red Robin

According to the statement, the manager in question no longer works for Red Robin. The company is bringing in counselling to support staff.

“We won’t be pressing charges as I don’t know many people who are helped by legal action. Also, to be clear, the wait staff, the kitchen, hosts, etc., were all very pleasant and doing their best,” said Hillgartner.

“Now I know everyone has bad days. But from the state of the staff there, I don’t think this was his first one.”

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