This three-year cruise lets you work remotely while visiting 135 countries

Mar 8 2023, 2:25 pm

It’s one thing to work remotely in a new city, but what about working remotely from a cruise ship year-round?

Life at Sea Cruises by Miray is set to launch a three-year cruise this fall and it’s a digital nomad’s dream come true.

You can now reserve one of the 400 cabins onboard the MV Gemini, which is getting ready to set sail for a 1,095-day journey around the world.

The MV Gemini/Life at Sea Cruises

You’ll be crossing a bunch of places off your travel bucket list because a quick peek at the itinerary shows that the ship, which leaves from Istanbul on November 1, has scheduled stops in seven continents and 135 countries, including Spain, Peru, Japan, Philippines, Australia, and Greece.

That means that for the next three years, you’ll get to spend Christmas in different countries: Brazil in 2023, Papua New Guinea in 2024, and the Maldives in 2025.

The cruise wraps up in 2026 when the ship returns to Istanbul on November 1, 2026.

The 130 to 142 sq ft cabins range from $29,999 to $43,999 a year per person (Life at Sea Cruises)

As for the cost, if you’re not the claustrophobic sort and don’t mind forgoing windows, an inside cabin (around 130 sq ft) is the most basic option for US$29,999 (CND$41,309) annually per person.

Cabins ranging from 142 to 160 sq ft are priced from $34,999 to $56,999 (Life at Sea Cruises)

A mid-tier option (142 to 162 sq foot cabins) per person is priced between US$34,999 (CND$48,194) to US$56,999 (CND$78,490) per year.

If you’re looking to splurge, the most expensive package includes a 210 sq ft suite cabin with a balcony and will set you back US$109,999 (CND$151,474) a year per person.


The more expensive cabins range from 210 to 260 sq ft and are priced between $79,999 to $109,999 (Life at Sea Cruises)

Passengers will need to sign up for all three years. According to CNN, the company is launching a scheme that will allow travellers to share the cost by dividing the time at sea between them. Solo travellers get a 15% discount on the double occupancy rate.

So what’s included in your package? Pretty much everything you’ll need for a long-term stay on a ship.

The cruise is remote work-friendly with open workspaces and meeting rooms, as well as free high-speed internet.

Onboard entertainment includes dancing, karaoke, movie and documentary screenings, and live performances.

There’s a fitness centre, spa, sundeck, free medical visits, and 24-hour staff on-call. Dinner comes with free alcohol and you can access golf courses around the world. You can even invite family and friends to visit you onboard so you can show off your new digs.

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