"Professional piano movers" fail to move said piano, sue customer

Jun 9 2023, 4:59 pm

A Canadian moving company, which describes itself as professional piano movers, took a former customer to court via the BC Civil Resolution Tribunal after they failed to pay for a piano the company couldn’t move.

2 Burley Men Moving, a moving company no stranger to civil suits, brought a case against Brian Nguyen via the tribunal.

Burley claimed that Nguyen hired the company to move an upright piano up a flight of stairs within his residence. Still, after many attempts, the crew determined it couldn’t move the piano without causing damage.

For context, upright pianos, on average, weigh between 300 to 500 pounds.

After that, Burley said it was agreed that its moving crew would leave but claimed $336 for its one-hour minimum charge, plus a 1/2 hour travel charge.

In response, Nguyen said Burley advertised itself as professional piano movers, with its website stating it’s a ” top piano moving service.”

Nguyen also said that only three movers showed up and they weren’t properly equipped. He noted that the movers never said he would have to pay anything unless the move was complete.

Nguyen eventually hired a company that successfully moved the piano for $409.50.

The tribunal member overseeing the case found it unproven that Nguyen ever agreed to Burley’s claimed minimum and travel charges if the piano could not be moved.

Burley submitted a waybill with minimum charges as evidence, but the tribunal found no proof that Nguyen signed anything.

In its submitted documentation, the tribunal also found “no mention of what might happen if the piano could not be moved nor is there anything noted about any concern about moving the piano.”

Remember this case the next time you move, as being charged for work that isn’t complete is clearly a big pia-no-no.

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