Canadian moving company taken to court three times in just over a month

Mar 27 2023, 5:56 pm

A recent BC small claims court case involving a Canadian moving company reveals a bit of a pattern, with the company being sued several times in just over a month.

The moving company is called 2 Burley Men Moving, which has also fired back at clients the same number of times in the same period.

While the company is based in BC, it handles cross-Canada moves.

In the most recent case, a client named Tim Anderson sued the Canadian moving company for allegedly overcharging him for storage fees. Anderson claimed reimbursement of $2,300.

Burley stored Anderson’s belongings for eight months between October 2021 and July 2022. The evidence suggests it would cost $1,200 for the first six months. However, when that period was up, Anderson called Burley to get pricing details, and he was told it would be $350 per month after the initial six months.

When Anderson got the invoice, he was charged $4,200 instead of the agreed-upon $1,900.

According to court documents, Burley said the initial quote of $1,200 for six months was based on an estimated weight of 2,000 pounds, while the belongings weighed 3,560 pounds.

The tribunal member said there was no evidence that the weight impacted the storage fees.

“Further, Burley has not explained how the belongings’ weight ties to the storage costs. Nor has Burley explained how it came up with the $4,200 charge, such as a monthly storage fee.”

In the end, Burley was ordered to pay back a total of $2,467.22, which included $2,300 in damages, $42.22 in pre-judgement interest and $125 in tribunal fees.

As mentioned, this is just one instance of a more extensive history involving Burley in small claims cases.

In February, Burley was ordered to pay a client $1,343.98 due to charging a client for travel time the company wasn’t entitled to.

Earlier this month, Burley was taken to court for damaging a fridge.

Burley has also filed claims against some clients, including this one where one customer refused to pay due to damaged belongings. However, no evidence of damage was submitted, and the customer was ordered to pay Burley what they owed.

Burley took one other client to court after it filed a credit card chargeback after initially paying for a move. Burley also won that case.

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