Perfume confused for gun in the weirdest Ontario police call

Jun 9 2023, 2:55 pm

There’s no shortage of stories of ridiculous police calls made for incidents that were far from being actual emergencies around Toronto, whether they be because someone got tomatoes on their sandwich¬†or because a traveller was running late and wanted a police escort through city traffic.

This week, authorities in Belleville, Ontario, received what may be the best false alarm call yet when an intoxicated man thought his date was ready to pull a weapon on him in a hilariously bad case of miscommunication.

The cops said in a news release that on Saturday, the man called them from a restaurant, where he was in the middle of having dinner with a woman who he claimed had just threatened him with a gun.

Upon arriving on the scene and talking to the caller, officers deduced that the man had actually just misunderstood his date after inquiring about her perfume, which she told him was called Juliette Has A Gun.

Police said¬†they were able to corroborate¬†her version of events with restaurant staff and “a quick Google search.” They were also kind enough to escort the clearly drunk patron¬†home safely.

The perfume brand, meanwhile, appears to have a number of scents available at Sephora for anyone who wants to likewise have the worst first date of their life and a priceless story to go with it.

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