Canadian broadcaster spurs debate over the right way to store cups

Jun 8 2023, 8:22 pm

Canadian singer and TV personality Tara Slone has started a debate on Twitter about the correct way to store wine glasses and cups.

On Tuesday, Slone took to Twitter to resolve the personal domestic debate after she and her partner butted heads over it.

“He stores cups and glasses upside down. I store them right side up. Neither of us will budge. Who is right (and why is it me)???” she asked.

Most people sided with the method Slone’s partner uses.

“Sorry, Tara. Upside down is the only way,” one of many Twitter users responded.

Some provided reasons for this choice — dust might settle into your cups, or bugs could fall into them.

One person said the technique should differ on a case-by-case basis: if you’re storing your cups in a cabinet with doors, the base side up is the way to go; if not, keep them upside down.

And while public opinion swayed heavily with her partner, Slone did have a few people in her camp.

One person said storing them base down allows you to stack cups.

Another highlighted that cabinets could be dirty, and if stored upside down, the rims of your cups might be touching whatever is on them.

“Face down makes me cringe at what the rim (easy) might be touching,” one user said.

Plus, it can cut down drying time when you wash your cups.

Whose side are you on and how do you store your cups? Let us know in the comments.

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