"It was unreal!": Retired receptionist double-checked lottery ticket to confirm big win

Jun 9 2023, 1:46 pm

A retired receptionist from Richmond Hill, Ontario, is celebrating her $100,000 lottery win after matching five cards in Poker Lotto.

Judith Abrams’ luck changed on May 28 when she checked a Poker Lotto ticket she had bought on the OLG app. It showed that she had won some serious cash.

That was until Abrams told her husband. “He was skeptical and thought I had made a mistake,” she said at the OLG Prize Centre.

Judith headed to the store the next day to double-check her ticket — the exact Gateway Newstands location where she’s known as “Poker Lady” because she’s been buying poker lottery tickets since 2017.

It turned out she was right all along! “The machine shut down, and the store owner had goosebumps,” the 74-year-old recounted. “It was unreal!”

The good news began spreading quickly after the second confirmation. “I told my best friend, and she was shocked to see how big of a win it was.”

And with the win comes a laundry list of plans for the former receptionist.

Abrams will be paying some bills and putting money into home renovations, but she’s also excited to travel to Las Vegas for fun.

“When you’ve worked all your life, it’s fantastic to win and feel secure,” Abrams shared. “It’s still hard to believe.”

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