Passenger opens plane door during flight in South Korea and the footage is terrifying (VIDEOS)

May 26 2023, 3:17 pm

Passengers on an Asiana Airlines flight in South Korea experienced a terrifying landing on Friday after someone opened an exit door while they were still in the air.

The incident occurred on Airbus A321 after it had taken off from Jeju Island at around 11:45 am local time.

It was heading to Daegu airport, which is usually an hour-long flight. Just as the plane was about to land, a man opened an emergency exit door while it was at an altitude of 700 feet (213 metres), reported the Associated Press.

Witnesses told local media that flight attendants weren’t able to stop him because the plane was about to land.

Other people tried to stop the man, but he was still able to partially open the door, said the Transport Ministry.

And that was enough to make for a turbulent descent.

Footage taken by people on board and obtained by Yonhap News Agency shows strong winds gusting into the cabin, whipping passengers’ hair and clothes.

@bbcnews A man has been arrested after the emergency door was opened on a #flight coming in to land, which local media say landed safely. #asianaairlines #Plane #Daegu #BBCNews ā™¬ original sound – BBC News

Another video obtained by BNO News shows the passengers sitting right next to the open door holding onto their seats for dear life.

@c4news Police in Korea have arrested a man for opening the emergency exit door of an Asiana Airlines flight during landing. #traveltok #airtravel #plane #aeroplane #travel ā™¬ original sound – Channel 4 News

Fortunately, the flight carrying 194 people landed safely.

The 30-year-old man who opened the door was arrested upon landing, according to Yonhap News Agency.

Some passengers didn’t deplane unscathed.

According to local reports, there were people who fainted, while others had breathing problems and suffered severe ear pain when the door was opened.

Twelve people were taken to hospitals for treatment, said the Transportation Ministry.

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