"The audacity": TikToker blasts No Frills for high grocery prices (VIDEO)

Mar 29 2023, 12:57 pm

Inflation might have slowed down a bit, but that hasn’t affected the cost of food, and now, No Frills’ prices are on the radar.

On Monday, TikToker @bean.andsprout posted a video after a trip to the discount supermarket that Loblaw owns.

“My heart goes out to anyone struggling. This is just not okay. I feel nauseous,” states the caption.

In the video, she recalls shopping at No Frills while growing up.

“When I was growing up, No Frills was like the lowest of the low,” she said. “Like you felt poor just being in a No Frills. Just the atmosphere — everything was like dirt f****** cheap. It was full of No Name stuff. Like, that’s where you could grocery shop if you were minimum wage, borderline poverty, or poverty. That’s where I shopped.”

She confesses to being “a Walmart girl through and through” and sometimes shops at No Frills because it’s closer.

So when she stopped at a No Frills to buy McDonald’s ground coffee and some parmesan cheese, she was stunned by the store charging $12.99 for a small bag of ground coffee.

“I needed parmesan cheese and coffee, and it was $16 for those two things, almost $17,” she said.

@bean.andsprout I didnt buy any of it, but what in the actual fuck is happening? The government is literally trying to take us out one by one. My heart goes out to anyone struggling. This is just not okay. I feel nauseous. If i wasnt paying a disgusting amount to rent id be on my homestead feeding the hungry. #inflation2023 #justinflation #disgusting #risingprices #costoflivingcrisis ♬ original sound – Bean & Sprout

While at the store, she decided to check for school snacks for her kids, but the prices for those products weren’t any better. The TikToker added that Crispy Minis were also more expensive at No Frills.

“They’re like $1.29 at Walmart, I think, for a bag; $3.59 at No Frills,” she stated, adding that packs of pudding, fruit snacks, and boxes of granola bars were also more expensive.

Although prices varied according to the product and the size, Daily Hive has found that the products mentioned in the video are priced higher on the No Frills website than on Walmart’s. The websites were also set to Toronto.

The TikToker said she and her family are comfortable and have four kids, with one on the way, but the current situation has her “freaking out.”

“Because if the people who are currently living comfortably are this shocked by prices, what are the people who don’t have a decent income doing?” she asks. “I am so afraid for people.”

She added, “I don’t know where No Frills has f****** found the audacity to f****** charge what they are charging.”

Market research firm Mintel recently reported that 83% of Canadians believe inflation is being used as an excuse for price gouging.

In the comments, people chimed in with their experiences with rising grocery prices.

“They just made formula $3 more expensive. I’m livid,” writes one commenter.

Another stated, “No Frills is expensive now. The No Name is either [the] same price as [the] name brand or [at a] higher price.”

“And they have the nerve to say prices of groceries went up by 13%. Not sure where they get their info from, but it’s more like 300%,” stated another commenter.

What has shopping at No Frills been like for you? Tell us about your grocery-buying experiences at Canadian stores in the comments below, or send a tip to [email protected].

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