Canadian couple was certain their huge lotto win was just a scam

Apr 3 2023, 3:14 pm

Winning the lottery must feel like a dream come true, but imagine finding out that you get to share your riches with your soulmate.

Michael and Lynda Boyd of Moorefield, Ontario, are the latest duo to cash out on a grand prize, after matching all five main numbers to win a second prize of $25,000 a year for life with Daily Grand in the February 27 draw.

The couple decided to opt for the lump sum prize of $500,000 instead.

Michael and Lynda have been a married couple for 50 years, and have played the lottery ever since it started.

At first, Michael couldn’t believe just how much money he scored.

“I woke up and noticed I had an email from OLG saying to log into my account and see what I won. When I saw I won $25,000 a year for life my eyes went wide and my jaw dropped. I went to wake up my wife right away,” he said.

Although Michael was ecstatic right away, Lynda had her suspicions when he initially broke the news.

“He woke me up and told me we needed to talk — I thought he had bad news,” she said. “When he told me we won lots of money, I said ‘no we didn’t, you’ve been scammed!’ But when I heard him on the phone with someone from OLG I finally believed it!”

The couple plans to put their winnings towards a family vacation fund.

“Our first trip will be to the East Coast, and we will have many years of adventures to look forward to.”

The odds of winning the Daily Grand Main Draw are incredibly tough, with a 1 in 2,224,698 chance of matching enough numbers to win $25,000 a year for life. Your odds increase to 1 in 13,348,188 if you’re set on winning the $1,000-a-day-for-life grand prize.

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