"I don't joke at 6:30 in the morning": Lottery winner's family refused to believe her

Apr 3 2023, 8:00 am

How would your family react if you told them that you had just won the lottery?

One winner from NL found it a bit of a challenge trying to convince her family that she was actually telling the truth.

For Ruby Gill, who lives in Fogo, the day started just like any other. One Thursday, she woke up early as she often does and started getting ready for work. When she checked her email, she noticed that she had received something from Atlantic Lottery.

Ruby Gill | @atlanticlottery/Instagram

When she stopped to read the email, she couldn’t believe her eyes: she had just won the Atlantic 49 prize worth $1 million.

Excited to share the news, she immediately woke her husband then quickly called her children.

But their reactions were less than impressive so Gill had to assure them.

“I don’t joke at 6:30 in the morning,” she recalls telling them.

Ruby Gill | @atlanticlottery/Instagram

Now a million dollars richer, Gill said that she plans to share her winnings with family, while setting money aside so that she and her husband can retire comfortably when the time comes.

She’ll also be buying a new vehicle and is looking forward to making vacation plans with her family.

Irish Mae SilvestreIrish Mae Silvestre

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