Landmark Cinemas to start charging a ticket booking fee

Sep 18 2023, 4:55 pm

Cineplex is no longer the only theatre company charging a booking fee as Landmark Cinemas will soon introduce its own, but it works slightly differently.

In a statement, Landmark Cinemas says it will begin to charge a booking fee effective September 20, but it only applies to online booking.

A fee of $1.50 will be applied to all moviegoers who aren’t members of the extra program. A $1 fee will be applied for Extras Movies fan members, and no fee will be charged if you’re a member of the Extras Movie Club and Movie Insider members.

Customers who purchase tickets at the box office will not be charged a fee.

There are some specific terms that Landmark Cinemas outlines as to how the fee works.

If you are a Landmark Extras fan member, the $1 fee will only be applied to a maximum of four tickets. For example, if you buy six tickets as an Extras fan member, you will only be charged $4.

The online fee is plus taxes and is also non-refundable.

Atom Tickets will also be subject to the same fees as vouchers from retail stores like Costco, BCAA, and B2B vouchers. Gift cards will also be subject to the fee.

Last summer, Cineplex introduced a $1.50 fee on all online ticket purchases, and moviegoers weren’t too thrilled about it.


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