"You're Beautiful" singer James Blunt embodies his last name on Twitter

May 25 2023, 8:21 pm

You best think twice before attempting to troll James Blunt, the singer probably best known for “You’re Beautiful,” on Twitter.

While his life might be brilliant and pure, his tweets are less so, but he definitely has a plan.

A couple of Blunt’s tweets went viral in the last week due to some trolls who got more than they bargained for.

The first Twitter user who got more than he bargained for tweeted, “James blunt can’t sing for s**t.”

In response, with what has now become a highly celebrated tweet, Blunt said, “Correct. I sing for money.”

In another tweet, which has since been deleted, probably from the shame of being roasted by Blunt, a Twitter user said, “There is no one I despise more than James Blunt.”

Thankfully, Blunt captured a screenshot of the masterclass in troll response.

james blunt twitter


At least Ethan seemed to have a sense of humour about getting roasted by Blunt.

Let this be a lesson to any Twitter trolls thinking about trolling Blunt.

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