Canadian baffled by high Greek yogurt prices at Loblaws (VIDEO)

Apr 6 2023, 4:28 pm

With grocery prices continuing to climb, the internet is definitely not short on frustrated reactions from shoppers.

From stores like No Frills not living up to their “discount” supermarket name to Loblaws getting roasted for its poultry prices, people are fed up.

Another food item that seems to be getting the “eggflation” treatment? Greek yogurt.

Canadian TikToker @thebnoth (whose real name is Bryan) has shared his sour feelings about the cost of Greek yogurt at stores like Loblaws on the social media platform.

“We’re gonna need a public inquiry into what is going on with Greek yogurt prices at Loblaws,” he says in a video.

Bryan begins by explaining that a tub of his favourite Greek yogurt brand, Liberté, costs $6.99 at the grocery chain.

“I can’t afford this these days, so I thought, maybe I’ll go with a different brand,” he says.

The TikToker continues to list other brands like Oîkos and then President’s Choice, but unfortunately, all of them are priced at — you guessed it — $6.99.

Bryan is baffled by these prices.

“How was that possible? Are you telling me that the production and distribution costs of these three separate brands of yogurt is identical so that they’re all the same price in the store? Because I feel like that’s impossible,” he asks incredulously.

He goes on to joke that the decision-making process behind these prices should be turned into an HBO show.

“Also, I’m no Warren Buffett, right? I’m no titan of industry, but shouldn’t one of these companies come in and make their yogurt a bit cheaper than the other two so people actually buy it?” adds Bryan. “Isn’t that what you learn on day one of Business 101?”

@thebnoth A Public inquiry will be necessary. #GreekYogurt #Loblaws #GroceryStore #GalenWeston #liberté #presidentschoice #PublicInquiry #Inflation #greenscreen ♬ GREEK RESTAURANT 1 – Cavendish

Bryan is just one of many questioning and dragging grocery giants for their choices.

In March, Canadians took to Twitter to express their anger at Loblaw CEO Galen Weston Jr. after he defended high food prices.

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