Canadian grandmother and Harry Styles mega-fan melts hearts at Grammys (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

Feb 7 2023, 4:00 pm

One Ontario grandmother has become the internet’s newest sweetheart after a gig at the Grammy Awards with Harry Styles.

Reina Halvorsen from Sudbury, Ontario, is known for being Harry Styles’ biggest fan, and she was present at last night’s 65th Annual Grammy Awards to advocate for the 29-year-old’s win.

Halvorsen was part of a special mega-fan segment, which saw multiple devotees explain why they thought their beloved artist should win the prestigious Album of the Year (AOTY) award, which premiered during the ceremony.

That pre-recorded video featured clips of the 78-year-old granny and her daughter flying 4,000 kilometres to Los Angeles to watch Styles on his Harry’s House tour.

Halvorsen’s granddaughter calls her Harry’s “number one fan” as Halvorsen danced at the LA show.

Well, last night Halvorsen got a special opportunity thanks to Grammy’s host Trevor Noah.

The final moment came to announce the AOTY winner, which saw all of the superfans lined up on stage, hoping and praying their favourite artist would be crowned.

As Noah rips open the envelope, he turns around and pivots toward Queen Reina, telling her she can make the announcement herself.

Of course, the audience quickly realized this meant Styles won the category and an audible gasp went through the crowd.

Appearing shocked, Halvorsen shrieks “Harry Styles,” as she jumps up and down and the camera pans to Styles shaking his head in disbelief.

Halvorsen got to meet her idol when the “Watermelon Sugar” singer surrounds her in a long embrace on the main stage as she hands him the Grammy award.

Since that night, Canadians have been showing their love for Halvorsen, calling her the Grammy Queen.

Many remark the highlight of the entire night was watching Halvorsen’s pure excitement and joy.

Maybe now, Styles will make a special stop in Sudbury to visit his superfan!

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