The Government of Canada is hiring for hundreds of lucrative jobs

Dec 14 2022, 11:56 pm

If you’re on the hunt for a career that can keep up with the rising cost of living across the country, you might want to head over to the Government of Canada jobs page.

The Government of Canada hires year-round but is currently hiring for many jobs that offer good wages across the country. Now, there are nearly a thousand jobs available. Approximately 400 of them fall in a salary range between $60,000 and $100,000.

Qualifications for the jobs offered by the Government of Canada cater to all backgrounds and people with all levels of experience and education.

Canada’s career page is super flexible in helping you narrow down jobs to fit your background, including what language might be required, job types, and minimum salaries.

Some of the highest-paying gigs being offered fall in tech-related or senior management-level fields.

For example, an IT Senior Advisor can make a salary somewhere in the range of $101,541 to $126,390. Work in the field of Data Science falls in a similar salary range, $100,121 to $116,116. Both positions are being offered in various locations across Canada.

If you don’t have the credentials for a senior role, there are plenty of entry-level IT gigs to apply for, which start at around $64,000.

If you’re interested in communications and can understand English and French, a digital communications advisor role could net you between $85,000 and $92,000, depending on your experience. There are several other roles in the field of communications as well.

Again, the possibilities are endless, but it does help qualify you for more potential jobs if you have some French in your language repertoire.

To sift through all of the jobs being offered, click here.

Also, if you have a background in accounting, check out some of the CRA jobs being offered.

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