“No thanks”: Flair Airlines roasted for holding flight sale days after four planes seized

Mar 15 2023, 6:47 pm

Low-cost Canadian carrier Flair Airlines has not been very lucky on the public image front lately, and it looks like things are only getting worse.

After months of stories from Flair customers detailing flight cancellation and delay nightmares, four of Flair’s aircraft were seized after a tiff between the airline and the entity — a New York-based hedge fund — that leases out planes to them.

The incident occurred last week and caused massive disruptions. People’s travel plans had suddenly crumbled to dust and they were anything but happy.

Flair published a statement, making clear that it felt victimized by the “extreme and unusual” actions of its lessor.

“This is a commercial dispute, which has impacted four of Flair Airlines’ aircraft. The airline is aggrieved by this unprecedented action,” a Flair spokesperson said.

None of this could calm the customers who bore the brunt of the conflict, and it does not seem they will stop taking their frustration out on the airline any soon.

On Tuesday, Flair advertised a 35% sale on its base fares for spring. Many found the timing of this sale very odd, given everything that had happened just three days prior.

And as you’ve probably guessed by now, it did not go well with the public. A fiery roast ensued.

“Sure, if you let people on the planes, if, in fact, you have planes,” one Buck Buchanan wrote in response to Flair’s offer.

Most did not hold back at all, rubbing salt on Flair’s wounds for leaving its flyers in the deep end due to all manner of mismanagement.

Some commenters had the patience to explain why they felt hostile towards the carrier.

A few polite roasters simply said “no, thanks” to the offer and moved on. Any remotely positive responses were rare.

Daily Hive reached out to Flair with questions about the timing of the sale. The carrier did not address the sale at all in its response but talked about the seizure of its planes, and instead explained, at length, how reliable and affordable its services are.

“We are proud to have returned to normal operations across our network,” Flair said in an email. “Customers with bookings in the coming months do not need to be concerned. Travellers can be assured Flair Airlines will continue to fly our schedule, and book new travel with confidence.”

“We know our presence results in lower fares, and we’re dedicated to continuing to serve Canadians,” said Flair President and CEO Stephen Jones. There are airlines that don’t want Flair to exist. But Flair will fly. And we will thrive. We will continue to deliver the lowest fares on offer to Canadians.”

If you say so, Mr. Jones.

Do you think the backlash targeted at Flair is valid? Or are people simply jumping at any opportunity to attack the airline because they’re so over its shoddy services? Let us know in the comments.

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