Four of Flair's airplanes seized in Canada amid "commercial dispute"

Mar 11 2023, 8:10 pm

A budget airline feels like it’s been mistreated after some of its airplanes were seized in Canada this week.

Four Flair Airlines aircraft, which are leased, were seized as part of a commercial dispute between the airline and its lessor.

In a statement from Flair, the airline said that it was “aware of extreme and unusual actions taken by a New York-based hedge fund and lessor of certain Flair Airlines aircraft.”

“This is a commercial dispute, which has impacted four of Flair Airlinesā€™ aircraft. The airline is aggrieved by this unprecedented action,” said a spokesperson.

They added that the airline has been “involved in ongoing communications with the lessor, and payment has been initiated.”

Flair said it will continue to “engage in a consensual mediation with the lessor to remedy the situation.”

Moving forward, Flair said it’s committed to expanding its presence in Canada and “travellers can be assured Flair Airlines will continue to fly its schedule.”

Now, more planes will be put into service from their fleet to help minimize disruptions and the airline said that it doesn’t foresee any major disruptions on its route map.

“We are truly very sorry passengers were impacted today, and are taking steps to get them on their way with minimal disruption,” said the Flair Airlines spokesperson.

Travellers affected by recent Flair cancellations aired grievances on social media.


On social media, passengers complained about the service they received, how cancellations were communicated, and limited rebooking options.

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