"Truly the best": Dollarama praised for prices as Canada deals with inflation (VIDEO)

Apr 14 2023, 7:45 pm

It’s no secret among Canadians that discount retailer Dollarama is a great place to find a bargain. But faced with extortionate prices at supermarkets and drug stores, it might be time to consider visiting the dollar store part of your weekly shop.

TikTok creator Care with Kate recently slammed Shoppers Drug Mart for the outrageous prices of its basic beauty products. Want to buy makeup wipes for almost $19 or Aveeno body lotion for $27? We certainly don’t.

In a new video, Kate offers a solution — stop sleeping on Dollarama!

It’s not just beauty products you can get for a fraction of the price. Many things are available, from gardening supplies to grocery items, dinnerware, organization tools, and home decor.

“Whatever it is, Dollarama is always cheaper than Shoppers Drug Mart,” Kate told her followers.

Kate is a content creator from Toronto who posts regular vlogs about shopping, travel, and wellness.

Amidst the cost of living crisis and rising inflation, like many Canadians, she is finding it increasingly difficult to locate products at affordable prices. “Way too often I forgot how fantastic Dollarama is,” she said in her post. 

@carewithkate Dollarama is king 👑 #dollaramafinds2023 #dollaramahaul #affordablehomedecor #canadadeals #torontoshopping ♬ original sound – Care with Kate

Kate highlights some great deals at your local Dollarama, including a wooden chopping board for $4 and a set of four plastic chopping boards for $5. “I’ve seen them on Amazon for 20 bucks,” she noted.

Greeting cards are a great example of something you should always buy from discount stores such as Dollarama, advises Kate. “They are only $1 and I feel like Shoppers is about $8,” she told viewers. 

According to the latest installment of the Canada Food Price Report, food items are only forecast to get more expensive in 2023. Kate says when visiting Dollarama, “Make sure to keep in mind the grocery section because nowadays it is even more valuable.” 

Kate captioned her video, “Dollarama is king 👑” and lots of commenters on TikTok agreed.

“Dollarama is truly the best place,” one user said.

“I looooove Dollarama! My go-to for some necessities I used to get at Shoppers Drug Mart,” another user added.

One commenter did have a warning about a product Kate recommended: “My wooden cutting board from Dollarama fell apart after a few months,” they said.

When you shop at a discount store, you usually expect to compromise a little on quality.

But a report from Environmental Defence suggests you could also be compromising on safety. The report found heavy metals such as lead and “forever chemicals” in children’s toys and headphones sold at Dollarama.

There is another less serious problem many of us fall victim to when shopping at Dollarama, and Kate is no exception. “You went in with one thing to buy in your head, went out with more than you should buy on your hands!” one user remarked. 

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