Canada's most polite thief calls bakery to apologize for break-in (VIDEO)

May 31 2023, 4:56 pm

A bizarre bakery break-in story involving a cupcake burglar now has a conclusion that is just as sweet as the irresistible cupcakes that were stolen.

Last Friday, Sweet Something Bakery was robbed of six cupcakes, and now we’ve learned that the cupcake burglar has apologized and the bakery has accepted his apology.

“So the big news is that our burglar gave us a call to the bakery,” owner Emma Irvine said in a TikTok video.

“He profusely apologized. You could tell it was really sincere, and he has offered to pay for the door and for the cupcakes,” she said.

Irvine said they’ve asked the police not to recommend charges, “so we really hope that’s happened.”

She also said they seemed to have a good time chatting about the whole ordeal.

“[He] and I had a good laugh together. I told him I’m not mad or upset. He told me that maybe one day we could sit down together and have a cupcake and just talk about the situation.”

@itsemmaokayy Replying to @ashley &lt3 ā™¬ original sound – Emma

The apologetic cupcake burglar also had good news about his orange sunglasses, which Irvine apparently loved.

cupcake burglar

All has been forgiven.

“He also told me that he would give me his orange sunglasses, which I am dying for. I feel like I would wear them all the time, just to, you know, make light of the situation,” Irvine added.

Irvine had a great sense of humour about the whole incident and told Daily Hive they were creating a cupcake this past weekend with a pair of sugar cookie sunglasses on top just like the burglar to help pay for the broken window.

“But that’s the big update.”

To add to the good news, the door has now been fixed.

With files from Sarah Anderson

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