Where should you put your carry-on bags? TikTok sparks debate on airplane etiquette (VIDEO)

Apr 5 2023, 5:47 pm

Going on a flight can be stressful.

Cramped seats, crying babies, and the possibility of your luggage not making it to your final destination.

Any little hiccup sets the tone for your flight and that can include where you’re able to place your carry-on luggage in the overhead bin on the plane.

A TikToker has started a heated debate about this after calling out passengers who don’t place their carry-on near their seat.

TikTok user @eye.be.okay shared a video of him on a plane with the following, apparently controversial statement: “Airplane etiquette 101: Don’t place your carry-on in row eight on your way to your row 26.”

“And put your purse/jacket under your seat like you’re supposed to!” he added in the caption.

@eye.be.okay And put your purse/jacket under your seat like youre supposed to! #travel #airlinetiktok #boarding ā™¬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

His comments were flooded with travellers who strongly agreed with his opinion and others who didn’t.

“OMG it bothers me so much. Like, one carryon per person and need to put it in your row,” commented one frustrated passenger. “People be shoving 10 things up there, too.”

“These are the people who get up immediately when the plane lands so they can rush up to the front to get [their] luggage as an excuse,” replied another.

One commenter stressed not putting backpacks in overhead bins.

“If you only have a backpack and you KNOW overhead bins are limited. PLEASE put your backpack under your seat like any other personal item,” they said.

Those who disagreed had their reasons.

“I am entitled to one overhead carry-on like everyone else. I have long legs and don’t enjoy being crowded under the seat. Overhead it is,” commented one person, addressing the TikToker’s stance on putting a small bag or jacket under the seat.

“If the back looks full, I’m putting it in row 16 and walking to my row 23 seat,” added another.

“I’m not going to gate-check my bag so I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. lol” said one commenter firmly.

One person shared their personal experience.

“Nothing makes me madder,” they commented. “Last flights, purchased front seats and had to carry bags to the back of the plane. šŸ™„”

And others aired their frustrations about other annoying airplane experiences.

“People are out of control on planes these days. Don’t get me started on standing up blocking the aisle to deboard,” reads a comment.

What’s your take on this carry-on luggage opinion? Comment below.

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