Canadian radio host claims Mike Myers had him fired for "making eye contact" on film set (VIDEO)

Mar 30 2023, 8:33 pm

A Canadian radio host has a cautionary tale for anyone who finds themselves working on a film set with Mike Myers in the future.

On the Carly and Jay show on Vancouver-based Sonic Radio, Jay Brody shared his experience working as the Canadian actor’s security guard on The Love Guru film set.

Spoiler: It did not end well.

Brody says that he was hired by a company to work film security on The Love Guru set in Toronto.

They told him he’d be guarding Myers’ trailer on the film set.

“They’re like, ‘here’s the catch — can’t look at him,'” explained the radio host. “And I’m like, ‘Well I need to look at him to see him to be his bodyguard.’ They’re like, ‘If you look at him, you’re gonna get fired.'”

On top of that, the company told him that they didn’t know what he would look like because he’d be wearing a wig and prosthetics.

Fast forward to the first day on set. Brody says he’s sitting there, still wondering what Myers might look like, when he sees a man approaching in a long wig with a fake beard.

“I’m like, ‘I think that’s Mike Myers,’ and I look down to not look at him because I don’t want to get fired,” he recounted.

“But I realized like, I can’t let just anyone into the trailer. So, I look up, I catch his eye for a second. I give him a nod to let him know I’m cool. And then I look away.”

Brody claims that within an hour, he got a phone call telling him that he was fired and had to leave set.

“So, I broke this weird rule,” he said.

Co-host Carly Meyers joked that the look and head nod Brody says he gave to Myers was “unsettling” and is probably where he went wrong.

A member of the Shrek star’s team told Entertainment Weekly that the actor was “not aware of anyone being hired or fired” from the production.

The allegations against the actor only became the topic of conversation after Brody retweeted a video of Keanu Reeves helping the John Wick: Chapter 4 production team move equipment.

“People saying that ‘he shouldn’t be praised for helping’ have no idea what it’s like working in film,” the radio host tweeted on Sunday. “Mike Myers had me fired off the set of ‘The Love Guru’ because I made eye contact with him, and I was there as his body guard… 😂 Give Keanu his roses.”

Although Myers’ team denied this accusation, many people who’ve worked in the film industry replied to the tweet with similar claims.

If the stories are true, this person’s tweet pretty much sums up the mood.

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