Today is Blue Monday: Is there any truth to the depressing phenomenon?

Jan 16 2023, 5:30 pm

You might be in your feelings more than usual on January 16. That’s because it’s “Blue Monday.”

Blue Monday is reported to be the most depressing Monday of the year. This time, it’s followed just a few days after Friday the 13th.

But is there any truth to the hype?

Daily Hive checked in with expert Megan Gelmon, a registered clinical counsellor at Sana Counselling in Vancouver, to find out.

Is this time of year particularly “bad” for people’s mental health?

“January has its mental health challenges as the weather isn’t the best, the holidays are over, there are bills to pay off and schedules to sort out.”

“Research highlights that November through January are the most challenging months of the year mental health-wise.”

What should people do if they’re feeling down on Blue Monday?

“Depression is certainly difficult to manage alone. If someone has the resources to access a counsellor, that’s always encouraged.”

“Also, speaking to a doctor about the appropriate medication can be a great help. If someone doesn’t feel ready or have the financial means, I suggest looking for online support groups and/or telling some trusted friends or family members.”

“There are also great free resources for people who feel like they are in crisis.”

“If that’s your experience, reach out to Crisis Services Canada or Crisis Centre BC and know that you are not alone in your experience.”

Is Blue Monday real?

Blue Monday may not have any scientific evidence behind it, and it may be more of a marketing buzzword than a real phenomenon.

But your feelings are real, 365 days a year.

“Please know that others can relate to you and that you are never alone,” said Gelmon.

With files from Daily Hive’s Sarah Anderson.

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