The best Canadian cities to (afford to) raise a family: study

Feb 28 2023, 8:22 pm

Where is the best place in Canada for family-oriented folks to call home?

Yore Oyster, a personal finance, investment, and crypto exchange digital community, studied which cities in Canada were the best places to raise a family.

The study ranked cities based on several criteria: cost of living, maternity and parental leave, childcare cost, commute time, median age, libraries, quality of life, and crime rate.

Taking a quick look at the monthly cost of living in Canada for a family of four, Vancouver and Toronto are much more expensive than other Canadian cities. The most affordable is Trois-Rivieres, which came in first on the list.

cost of living

Average monthly cost of living in Canada for a family of four/Yore Oyster

Trois-Rivières came in first on their list because of the low cost (a family of four will spend $3,388 a month on average here) and high standard of living, said Yore Oyster.

Here’s the list of the best cities in Canada to raise a family:

  1. Trois-Rivieres
  2. Québec
  3. Sherbrooke
  4. Ottawa
  5. Charlottetown
  6. Montréal
  7. Guelph
  8. Gatineau
  9. Barrie
  10. Kingston
  11. Calgary
  12. Saint John
  13. Victoria
  14. Vancouver
  15. Kitchener
  16. Windsor
  17. Halifax
  18. Toronto
  19. Edmonton
  20. Moncton
  21. Peterborough
  22. Yellowknife
  23. London
  24. Regina
  25. Abbotsford
  26. Hamilton
  27. Winnipeg

The best cities on their list were very affordable and had low crime rates.

While big cities like Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto made the list, they came in behind several more affordable Canadian cities.

You can learn more and see the full study online.

What city do you think is the best for families?

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